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Our Virtual Terminal offers you the ability to process transactions anywhere you have Internet access.

Ideal for processing card-not-present, mail, or telephone credit and debit card sales orders, SterlingCard Payments’ Virtual Terminal streamlines your processing by eliminating the costs and additional hardware expenses normally related to manual card transactions.

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Recurring billing

Simplify your recurring billing

  • Automate payments that need to be collected on a regular basis.
  • Automatically send notification emails to customers after their transaction is processed.
  • Eliminate the manual, time-consuming process of diarizing cheque payments and reduce cheque encoding errors and collection expenses.
  • Online reports are generated in real-time allowing quick access to customers’ billing history.

Multi-currency acceptance

multiple-currency options offer your customers peace of mind and convenience

  • Expand your market around the globe by accepting multiple currencies on your website.
  • Process, authorize, and settle in major currencies, including GBP, EUR, CAD, USD, and several others.
  • Consumers have a comfort level purchasing in their native currency knowing they can avoid any foreign exchange fees.

Batch processing

easily process multiple transactions at one time

  • Easily process multiple transactions at one time where the amount varies for each transaction and an immediate response is not required.
  • Your authorization, purchase, and settlement requests are completed by simply creating a file and uploading it to us via a secure connection.
  • Our comprehensive back-office tools can be used to run reports on your transactions in real time from any Internet connection.

“SterlingCard has been a key partner in our success, and an invaluable asset for the growth and future of our company. We would not exist, if they do not help support us. Anytime we have needed funds to grow, SterlingCard has stepped up to the plate easy and timely.”

Process cards from anywhere

Whether your want to handle one-off phone orders or automate your recurring billing, SterlingCard has the virtual tools you need.

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